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Feature or Plugin for Website Feedback
« on: July 22, 2011, 10:42:08 AM »
Hello everybody,

I got a problem. I need BigAce to store a rating (for example 1 - 5 Stars, like amazone) and a comment for the rating, for defined Sites. In best case this feature could be activated on each site I want. In addition there must be a option in the user management to allow users to leave there feedback.
Backround: I want to store technical descriptions on websites. The quality of the description should be rateable. This would help to improve the descriptions. It is not nessesary to display the comments, only the last editer should see them, or get an email.

I'm new to BigAce and want to know how much work it is to customize the application.
Is it possible to get these feature in a plugin?

Many thanks!