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Cookies and such
« on: May 29, 2012, 03:18:48 PM »
It seems that the EU has passed a law stating that all websites that utilise cookies will now have to advertise the fact and ensure that the end user has agreed to having a cookie or other local stored content to be stored locally prior to using a website.  (btw local content storage implies flash content also!)

Seems this law was passed in May 2011 and in the UK it is expected that websites should now be compliant by May 2012 (with other EU members to follow suite)

see : for UK info and guidelines.

Seems like a real headache, and this is to include third party cookies also, like google-analytics.

Has anyone had any experience with these new guidelines, and how to implement a cookie governer on Bigace?

I tend to only use google analytics in my websites for tracking behaviour and visits etc, but with this in place it seems I now need to create a cookie based notification on the front page prior to any google analytics to give the end user the chance to opt out of tracking of any sort.  

How does all this ruling apply to the admins of the websites who will get a session state cookie also?

The crazy thing about all this is now I need to create a cookie to store whether or not I am allowed cookies on my sites - how ironic considering I never had cookies anyway!  ???

So my questions:

First off, how would/could I implement this in big ace,
Secondly, if a user states No to tracking, then how do I stop the google analytics from being included in my pages.
Lastly, I must give the end user an ability to opt-out should they have already accepted.  How do I remove the cookie if they choose to opt out.

Sounds like some module needs to be created to handle these new guidelines.

Thanks in advance
 :-[ not so happy admin

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Re: Cookies and such
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2012, 01:58:50 PM »

Germany did not yet transfer this ridiculuous EU law into local law ... hooray for once ... normally we have the most anoying law decisions ... so  I have some more time to check the possible solutions.

For starters there is a Javascript solution - which I recently found. I cannot guarantee that is workds as expected, but I believe I can turn it into an extension.

Please check and see if this would work for you.



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Re: Cookies and such
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2012, 02:42:28 PM »
in sweden we have an info on the first page called cockies. stating that the cockies are used for tracking, as vell as for navigating the pages.. if they dont like it they have the option to not navigate the pages or to stay out

"Om cookies
Enligt lagen om elektronisk kommunikation (SFS 2003:389, 6 kap. 18 §) ska alla som besöker en webbplats med cookies få information om 1) att webbplatsen innehåller cookies, 2) vad dessa cookies används till och 3) hur cookies kan undvikas. PCG-Lan har cookies på sin webbplats. Våra cookies används uteslutande av tekniska orsaker och lagrar ingen information om användaren. Du kan förhindra att dessa används genom ställa in din webbläsare så att den inte tillåter cookies. En del funktioner fungerar då inte på webbplatsen. "

bing translated....

"About cookies

According to the law on electronic communication (SFS 2003: 389, 6 kap. § 18) to everyone who visits a website with cookies get information about 1) that the website contains cookies, what these cookies are used to) and 3) how cookies can be avoided. PCG-Lan has cookies on its website. Our cookies are used exclusively for technical reasons and stores no information about the user. You can prevent this by setting your browser to not allow cookies. Some functionality may not be on the site."


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Re: Cookies and such
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